Surety Bond

Surety Bond is a three-party agreement between the surety (the first party) on the basis of his conviction to the Principal (Second Party) jointly pledged to Obligee (the Third party).

Bid Bond

Surety Bond issued by Jamkrida the principal so that the principal can request to follow a tender (Quote) projects / jobs held by Obligee.


Performance Bond

Surety Bond issued by PT Jamkrida Jabar to ensure the Obligee that the principal will be able to complete the work provided by the Obligee in accordance with the provisions agreed in the employment contract. If the Principal does not carry out its obligations in accordance with the Contract Surety Company will indemnify the Obligee maximum amount of the guarantee.


Advance Payment Bond

Surety Bond disciplined By Jamkrida at the request of the Principal to ensure the payment of an advance payment of the Principal and the overall value of the project received by the Principal of Obligee.